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hülsta-werke Hüls GmbH & Co. KG
Karl-Hüls-Str. 1
D-48703 Stadtlohn
Telephone: +49 2563 86-1120
Fax: +49 2563 86-1120


Saturday hotline: our customer advice centre is open for you from 9 am through to 6 pm CET!
Tel.: +49 2563 86-1800, Fax: +49 2563 86-1000,

Additional orders

You have chosen some high-quality now! by hülsta brand furniture that comes with the now! by hülsta manufacturer’s warranty. Our name vouches for the quality of our products giving you complete assurance even after purchasing our goods.


If you believe that there is a possibility of extending your now! by hülsta combination at some future date, then we recommend adding your name to our consumer information database. As much as we are committed to tradition and continuity, we are also continuously working on further innovations. Every range, therefore, will be discontinued at some point. In order to enable us to inform you in good time regarding discontinuations of entire ranges or colours and wood finishes within a range, please fill in the registration form on the hülsta website.


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